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Ample Book Trivia: 45+ Online Literature Quizzes to Consume Your Day

The general understanding of quizzes is that they’re supposed to be briefer and less formal than tests. Maybe at least partially because of this, while there’s no shortage of literature quizzes to be found on BuzzFeed, Sporcle and the like, many of them tend to feature the same sediment being stirred up to the surface. […]

3 Garden Path Sentence Headlines for Our Age of Fake News and Questionable Intentions

A couple nights ago, I listened to an NPR interviewee talk about Steve Bannon’s two-pronged threat to liberal politics as being a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” approach. References to various pieces of gothic literature, like Frankenstein, had already appeared as political commentary in some online arenas earlier in this year’s election season. When I […]

What’s Wrong with Victor? The Root of Frankenstein’s Isolation

Isolation, alienation and loneliness are prominent themes in Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s 1818 classic novel Frankenstein. The Internet is stuffed with resources to help high school and college students draw these themes out or just grab some relevant quotes for an essay. I recently added to these resources in my own special way with this comic […]

[A Read-Online Comic] Stick-figure Summary of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

Adapter’s note: While the following is a free adaptation of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s classic work and contains certain probably obvious elements not present in the original, it also more or less follows the actual plot of the book as put down by Ms. Shelley. This means spoilers spoilers spoilers. For your convenience and edification, any text […]

16 Great Old Paintings of Women and Girls Reading

During a recent search for public domain art to spruce up this blog, it came to my attention that there are a lot of fantastic portrayals of women and girls reading—or at least holding books while being interrupted or drifting—out there. In a different kind of article, I might theorize as to why it is […]

Insidious Intent: “J. Alfred Prufrock” as an Etymological Map

You may have heard that a lot of English words come from French. That’s interesting in theory, but what would it actually look like if you could see it? What if you could see linguistic influences in colors, like an etymologist with synaesthesia? I started to wonder about this and also wondered what would happen […]