Hi! I’m Elisabeth.

I’m a freelance and creative writer who wants to geek out about literature with you.

Welcome to my blog.

Lit All Over is about…

  • Literature from all over the world, including classics, indie lit, poetry, popular fiction and some darker recesses of writings past. I also blog about film and theater.
  • Translations and translation. This site is intended for an English-reading audience, so I spend significant time writing about pieces that have been translated into English from other languages. I also share my own translations, including the translation process at times.
  • Inclusivity and accessibility. This blog is intended for a general audience, with the idea that literature is for anyone who’s willing to engage with it: academics or business professionals, college students or dropouts, private or public intellectuals, postal employees, teachers, kitchen staff, librarians, stay-at-home parents, even those just learning to read in their native or another language.

Here, “general” doesn’t mean “stupid.” It means highbrow and lowbrow. It means smart, fun and openminded, all of which I assume you are.

Whoever you are, I hope you find something entertaining and useful here.


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