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[Milwaukee Film Festival] Anna Rose Holmer’s “The Fits” Mesmerizes

To continue with my Milwaukee Film Fest highlights, The Fits has a lot in common with the last film I wrote about, Kaili Blues: Both are directorial debuts, both are lower on plot and higher on immediate visual appeal and both involve supernatural-ish elements that are treated matter-of-factly. The Fits follows Toni, a young girl who spends […]

[Milwaukee Film Festival] Bi Gan’s “Kaili Blues” Soars

A film that I enjoyed immensely at this year’s Milwaukee Film Fest is Kaili Blues, the debut from director Bi Gan. On the one hand, I didn’t feel it was entirely successful as a complete film, but on the other hand, I loved it. The impression I had gathered from reviews before going to see […]

[Milwaukee Film Festival] Ally’s “Partners” Gets It Right in Seven

Partners, a film showing as part of the Milwaukee Film Fest shorts package “Date Night,” was a pleasant surprise for me. While I have no particular prejudice against short films, I haven’t often met with shorts that produce a full, satisfying experience. This one defied my expectations. Partners was also a surprise because my interpretation […]

[Milwaukee Film Festival] Hong Sang-soo’s “Right Now, Wrong Then” Plays a Midwestern Room

I love seeing Hong Sang-soo movies at U.S. festivals, because there’s always that moment when the person behind you suddenly realizes that something subtle and weird has happened. Two minutes later, they think they have it all figured out. But they’re more alert than they were previously. They’re really paying attention now. Then the person […]

“The Bridesmaid” On-page and On-Screen: Rendell Begets Chabrol in a Filthy Basement

Today, I’d like to talk to you about The Bridesmaid. No, not Bridesmaids. Not Revenge of the Bridesmaids. La demoiselle d’honneur. Of course, I’m referring to two versions of a story here: The original suspense novel in English by British author Ruth Rendell and its 2004 film adaptation by French New Wave director Claude Chabrol. For a certain period, Chabrol’s […]