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[Translated Story Series 1.2] “Le Vigneron dans sa vigne”

Hi! This is the second in a series of translations from Jules Renard’s Le Vigneron dans sa vigne. The first segment can be found here, and the original French text here. The Vintner in His Vineyard Mores of the Philippes II I paid them a visit for the new year. I had left a bushy country, […]

[Translated Story Series 1.1] Jules Renard’s “Le Vigneron dans sa vigne”

Jules Renard, a French author who lived from 1864-1910, is probably best-known in the English-speaking world for Poil de carotte (Carrot Top), an episodic work about a boy’s difficult childhood that has been translated into English, and his eminently quotable journal. However, Renard wrote several other books that have never been translated into English or are not […]

Le Bel Aujourd’hui: Translating Mallarmé’s “Le Cygne”

The quickest way to get me very, very interested in something is to tell me I can’t do it. So it’s really no surprise that I’ve been obsessed with translating French poet Stéphane Mallarmé’s famous sonnet, the one sometimes known as “Le Cygne,” for years. No one has ever actually told me that I couldn’t […]