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Black cat in Italy

Through the Sad Wood Our Corpses Will Hang by Ava Farmehri

You can judge a book by its cover, to an extent. You can also, maybe to an even greater extent, judge a book by its title. Debut novelist Ava Farmehri borrows this one from Dante, and subsequently presents a work that lives up to its impact. Sheyda Porrouya, a twenty-year-old Iranian born at the time […]


Alain Mabanckou’s Piquant Picaresque: Black Moses

Francophone Congolese writer Alain Mabanckou’s Black Moses, out this year in an English translation by Helen Stevenson, is about a boy, then man, whose full name in the Lingala language means “Thanks be to God, the black Moses is born on the earth of our ancestors.” Despite already having this supreme mouthful of a designation, our main character […]

Smothering Heights: Nature and Necessity by Tariq Goddard

Exploring the lives of unpleasant people in fiction always carries risks. Awfulness for its own sake or to hammer home a point, no matter how skillfully rendered, can easily grow tedious. Mere jabs at capitalism, materialism and the like will grate on the nerves of the intelligent reader the fifth or sixth time around. Nature […]